Anime Through My Filter


A wise man once said that just because someone likes anime doesn’t mean they like all of anime. They often enjoy certain themes or concepts that, while common in anime, obviously don’t make up the whole of it. This occurred to me because, after coming across a chart that was a list of worthwhile anime for the average Western fan, I realized just how little those actually applied to me. The list does acknowledge that people have different tastes, and while a select few of those series on the list interest me (I’ve seen Gurren Lagann and know that I enjoy the genre Azumanga Daioh helped cultivate. Read or Die looks nice too.), the majority of it doesn’t. I get my news from Japanese blogs (I can read Japanese somewhat okay, mostly through years of exposure) more than American ones, and my taste tends to align with the Japanese fanbase, mostly, though even that’s prone to personal variables. While I was hoping the blog entries would paint a picture of who I was, there’s no harm in saying who I am upfront. That way, the playing field is open. Let’s begin.

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Unirony in the Anime Fandom

There’s a growing trend in the anime fanbase that I feel compelled to question. Or perhaps it’s not a trend, but a few vocal people. Most of my exposure to the anime fanbase comes from one board, and it’s so fragmented that all I can do is present an anecdote. But it’s my hope that this anecdote serves as a possible question to something much greater than myself.

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Watch, Discuss

Since the year is about to end, and the number of posts on this blog have been few (I have a lot of other things I’m doing), I figure I should explain the three ways I tend to “watch” anime, and subsequently discuss them. It can basically be split into three distinct categories, with two of them tending towards the “watch” side of the equation.

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