Winter 2019 and How Fiction Relates to Fiction

I can’t help but notice a parallel between three shows this airing anime season. Grimm’s Notes, Endro! and Pastel Memories. While each of them falls into a slightly different genre, all of them deal with the effects that fiction has on our daily lives and how people fall into their roles within those stories. Pastel Memories probably dives the shallowest into it, since the worlds are explicitly fictional.

However, Endro differs from the other two by having its “stories” be the simple folklore of the world the characters inhabit, but with the same level of awareness about it. Yet, Endro and Grimm’s both involve roles that characters have fulfilled multiple times. Just as there are multiple Heroes and Demon Lords, so are there multiple Red Riding Hoods and Cinderellas. It’s a very comic book mindset, and one that I find an interesting point of contrast between these various shows. I’m looking forward to seeing how this develops as the season goes on.

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