Idol Time PriPara 43

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The spirit of the night attempting to pull an all-dayer.

[Ohys-Raws] Idol Time PriPara - 43 (TX 1280x720 x264 AAC).mp4_snapshot_15.20

How do you say goodbye to a group of characters you’ve been following for four years? I’ll deal with that later, but we got an announcement about the future of the franchise. Kiratto Pri Chan (and Aikatsu Friends!) have both been announced within the past week, meaning both major kids’ idol franchises are set to have a reboot with a new staff, new set of characters, and no connection to anything that came before.

It’s not as much of a shocker for Aikatsu!, since they’re coming off the second year of a fairly recent reboot. But for Pretty, we haven’t had a new universe since Rainbow Live all the way back in 2013. At that point, I was still posting on NeoGAF, which says a lot in itself.

I’ve been following this group of characters since 2014, and Idol Time ended up being a S4, despite the change of main characters. A big part of why I liked it was Makoto Moriwaki’s manic comedy, which partially carried over from my love of Milky Holmes. (Speaking of things that have undergone major changes…) I’m glad that leaving PriPara after four years will give her a chance to focus on other projects, but it leaves me wondering if I want to do episodic reviews for Kiratto going forward. I’m certainly still going to watch it, but whether I cover it is up in the air. If I do, it may be by cour instead of by episode.

But that can wait until April. For now, we still have the glasses hunt and the mysteries of Idol Time to uncover, starting with Nino’s ongoing admiration/rivalry with Shion (and the West siblings.)

We’ve hit another mini-quest in the glasses storyline. In order to awaken the “sacred beasts,” each of the three members of My Dream will have to overcome a personal wall that’s been in their way. Nino decides that’s Shion, and so begins an episode-long challenge. If she can successfully get a little plastic crown off Shion’s head, she’ll be acknowledged as an equal.

It’s all very Ribbit King. The way they go about it is fairly clever, too. Nino grabs it during the Making Drama. The exact point when she wouldn’t expect it. The show suddenly shifts from 3D to 2D, and with it Nino’s victory. She’s not the only one trying to overcome a wall here. Chuppe is trying to conquer a martial arts match with Cat, and Galala is trying to keep her promise to Shuuka and not eat dreams anymore. She’s discovered that coffee beans are a fine alternative, which leads to a short series of puns that simply doesn’t work in English.

The girls still don’t have any clues where the third pair of glasses are, but I’m fine with this set of episodes taking the time to flesh out My Dream. Compared to their seniors, they’ve only got one year of screentime to complete their character arcs. Make it count where you can.

In time, even Idol Time will end and a new show will begin. But until then, keep trying to overcome those walls. It’s never too early to start.


Michiru, full of confidence, asks Aroma to stop treating her as a “Little Demon.” Isn’t that Yohane’s thing?


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