Idol Time PriPara 39

idolpuri39hd.mp4_snapshot_00.30It’s the middle of the holiday season, so this may be a bit short.

When a show’s New Years’ episode begins with middle-aged ladies doing¬†JoJo poses, you know you’re in for a bizarre time. The search for the ancient legendary glasses is now in full force, but first, Babaria and her family are going to help the students of Avocado Academy in their cleaning.


As the school is being cleaned up, WITH comes across a pair of tacky red glasses that Yui suspects might be one of the three necessary for their quest. So it’s back to sneaking into the boys’ PriPara. The usual character beats are hit, but the show ends up delaying this sidequest for a while longer. It turns out the glasses are Babario’s glasses. When he puts them on again, he reverts to his youth as a… punk samba surfer? It’s one of the tackiest things this show’s ever done, and even that pales in comparison to what happens next.


Since all three of the Principals are WITH fans, a fight for the glasses ensues. Where cleaning implements summon giant tornadoes that wreck the school and make everyone have to clean everything up again. The animation isn’t incredibly dynamic, but the way such an over-the-top display of power is happening in the real world, stretching the already elastic reality of this show, makes for a highlight. Even if it has too many characters to juggle at points, PriPara always finds a way to give every character the spotlight eventually.

That’s not the only story, though. Just before giving her performance this episode, Shuuka runs across Phos- er, Galala, who she’s been establishing a rapport with in recent weeks. Galala offers Shuuka a mic in her own, dark color scheme. If there’s one standard in merchandising shows, it’s that dark variants never mean anything good for the storyline. Ophiuchus Metal in Kyuranger is one standout example from this year.

The performance goes off without problems – such a cheap way to save on money with this show – but at the end of Shuuka’s song, a crowd of fans in the audience begins to disperse. Galala is making Shuuka sap her own audience, and potentially her ranking in the city-state of idols, just to fulfill her revenge against Falala all those years ago. It really is a Janis situation. And Shuuka is the Chiri of it all. Not sure what to think about the show repeating such a similar plotline less than a year apart.

The episode isn’t a total net loss, however. Turns out Babario had half of the red pair of legendary glasses. How they split in half and why he only has half of them isn’t answered, but the glasses quest is now halfway complete.

That’s all this show is going to write for this year. I’ll see you all again in 2018, to see what lies at the end of Idol Time. Possibly a second season?


Non is back! PriPara is hosting a trivia quiz! And Parajuku is still recovering from when Aroma and Mikan exploded in the middle of it. May your 2018 not involve three simultaneous tornadoes.


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