Idol Time PriPara 12

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It’s not easy being a Divine Idol.

[Ohys-Raws] Idol Time PriPara - 12 (TX 1280x720 x264 AAC).mp4_snapshot_02.36_[2017.06.20_10.39.01]

We resume your idol baseball game, already in progress. When last we left off, nearly the entire main cast was participating in a baseball game at the same time as the first Grand Prix of the local PriPara, Yui had sprained her ankle, and Nino is still not totally into this whole idol thing.

This week, things mostly continue along those lines. I’m glad to see that Dorothy and Leona being so close to the field paid off. They step in partway through the game (like a ninja!) and score a few runs for the heroes’ team. Which is easy enough, since they do it while Mimiko is monologuing to herself about taking down the city-state of idols. There’s a reason monologues are generally saved for when a hero is captive, and not a place where everyone is moving around.

The other running thread of the episode is Yui attempting to convince Nino that her ideals of being an idol are worth aspiring to, even if Nino is only half-interested at best. In the end, she’s able to turn Nino’s thoughts around once Nino realizes that competition in idol-dom can be just as fun as sports, given that she enters the first Grand Prix at nearly the last minute. No new songs this episode from anyone, unfortunately.

[Ohys-Raws] Idol Time PriPara - 12 (TX 1280x720 x264 AAC).mp4_snapshot_19.12_[2017.06.20_10.55.46]

Babaria ends up sneaking in and gives the girls a go-ahead to be idols in the future. I guess she doesn’t have any baggage like Gloria, so that’s good. The real interesting part of the episode, though, happened in the final few minutes. Nino has just finished her song when the world suddenly shifts into a bonus stage. The Time Garden, which looks like a giant Mario level – a mix of your grassy World 1s and Tick Tock Clock.

It’s here that Yui is introduced to the girl in the clock tower, Falala. (Voiced by Fuwari’s VA, Azusa Sato.) She gives Yui a harp for her mic and a rare outfit piece. So we’re basically reusing the same mechanics from last season, just slightly redesigned. I do wonder what relation Falala is to Falulu, though. Another Vocal Doll? If so, why was she trapped in the clock tower? Does she know of the whole thing that went down with Jewlie and Janice? Is she also part of the system? And in giving out her ultimate outfit, is there some sort of catastrophe on the horizon she’s trying to prevent?

All of these are plot hooks that will surely be addressed at another time, and for now, Yui is the only one to have been blessed and recognized by her, while Lala may be the only other person aware she exists. Except for the glasses siblings, because “It’s the system!”

Now that Nino is more likely to be an active part of the cast going forward, I await seeing what direction Idol Time takes things in its second cour. We have a plot hook now!


A parade of old characters return as Lala goes back home to Parajuku, and is greeted by Mechanee, Galumageddon, and all the other cast members that we didn’t even leave that long ago. Stay tuned!


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