Idol Time PriPara 04

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My own shining 301%

Following the end of the main series, the members of Solami Smile have been touring around Japan, in an effort to bring PriPara to cities that don’t have it. It’s some mixture of marketing, a touring concert and a life coach, if this episode is any indication. But as these things tend to go, the adventures happening offscreen are always moving at a quicker pace – and sound potentially as interesting – as the ones we’re witness to. This episode also shows that the series isn’t entirely giving things over to the new cast just yet, but I’ll get to that soon.

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Mirei says she’s coming to visit, and Yui is excited. The only problem is that Paparajuku’s PriPara has hit a bit of a snag. The amount of new recruits are low, and there’s only one building besides the main concert hall. It’s mostly an empty ground, and Lala and Yui fear that if Mirei saw that, she’d not be pleased. So begins one of the most sticom-esque plots in this series.

Through a series of cardboard cutouts, mannequins and fake buildings created from the same holograms used to make Triangle, Yui and Lala cook up a “populated” city-state of idols that, really, isn’t fooling anyone.

[Ohys-Raws] Idol Time PriPara - 04 (TX 1280x720 x264 AAC).mp4_snapshot_06.23_[2017.04.25_11.40.30]

To make things even more sitcom-like, once Mirei actually arrives, Yui mistakes her for a Yui fan who wants to join, only to realize she’s talking to one of the Divine Idols – she wasn’t prepared for how different Mirei was in and out of the park. It’s a cute little character moment that says a lot about both of them. Yui’s eager to be a good idol, and Mirei plays along with it, allowing Yui to go through the same growing pains she had to at one point, up until she starts admonishing them for trying to pull a fast one with the cardboard and hologram city. So glad to see the penalty tickets return – and in PriPara, no less.

[Ohys-Raws] Idol Time PriPara - 04 (TX 1280x720 x264 AAC).mp4_snapshot_15.23_[2017.04.25_11.49.33]

The second half of the episode is awesome. After Avocado’s disciplinarian slaps a bunch of tickets on Mirei, Ms. Minami is able to rules lawyer her way into not only bringing in a bunch of new girls to PriPara, but also making a rival of Avocado’s disciplinarian. Mirei, you’re doing your parents proud, and showing how power and influence can be a positive thing, if applied right. …even if it’s to bring people into a theme park. That merchandising thing always hangs in the background of these shows, but that hasn’t stopped idol/hero/magical girl shows from having really good messages to them in spite of that.

One more encore of “Marble make-up a-ha-ha” later, and Mirei’s brief return comes to a close. It hasn’t been that long since she left, but it was really great having her back. Gives me hope that every character from the previous series is available for a cameo, schedule and storyline depending. It feels like a bit of a crutch until Yui can form her trio, but if the show’s built up this whole wide universe and large supporting cast, using them were appropriate is a good idea.

One last thing. During the course of events, Yui’s rice cooker comes to life – not unlike Gloria’s vacuum cleaner – and becomes Yui’s second mascot/partner/potential idol(?) in this world. It can talk in more than just manufacturer-approved lines. Kinda reminds of Shinkenger’s DaiGoyo, actually.

This was a fun episode, and the parade of returning characters is set to continue next week.


Punicorn gets a lesson in how to be a manager from Bear. Any lessons learned will be done so accidentally.

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