PriPara 135


That is the kitschiest looking 0% I’ve seen in my life.


The rematch of the three years this show has been on the air is about to take place. Tricolore has a massive advantage, having been international stars in Paris and stacked with celebrities, including a lesser manifestation of the city-state of idols itself and a country girl who everyone loves. So no wonder Mirei’s chances of winning are predicted at an even 0%. Not even 0.00001% or 1% or something that would offer the slightest bit of hope. As far as she thinks, they’re not going to win this. But we, the audience, know otherwise. Because the narrative laws usually favor the underdog.

The performances in this episode were a lot of fun. I think this’ll be one of the last times we get to hear Tricolore perform. As for Solami Smile, they pulled out a surprise by using “Make it!” as their song of choice. The very first opening for the show, back when PriPara was a quirky experiment in saving a fading franchise and not the powerhouse that overtook its own competition that it is today.

What was also unique about these, compared to other entries in this tournament, was that there was no real competition with the Making Dramas. Rather, all three members in each of the units performed their specialized ones before doing a little thing at the end. So we got to see Fuwari’s lake orchestra, Falulu’s clock jumping, and Hibiki being Hibiki. As well as the two from when Lala and Mirei were on their own, as well as Sophie’s Valkyrie.

Of course, protagonist power wins out in the end, so it’s no surprise that the final round of competition will be between the members of iRis themselves, the original main six, Solami Smile and Dressing Pafe. Makes sense that the show would start bringing back elements from earlier in its run as it starts winding down to the final goodbye for all these characters.

Though, once the Divine Outfit is fully unlocked, I wonder what exactly will happen. The idol world’s been on the verge of collapsing before. To say nothing of how the next movie, which is now being previewed during the theme song, has them going into space (which apparently the next season does not involve. It’s time instead. Lala has now conquered space and time, go figure.) There’s not a whole lot to unpack just yet, but I feel we’re getting closer to the point where I’ll be able to.


The original six square off in the final round of the final stage of the Divine Grand Prix. Victory is waiting in the heavens!


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