PriPara 133


The bane of translators everywhere.

While the members of Tricolore haven’t presented too many problems to a would-be translator (even the French is rather basic, and that’s everywhere in anime. Like the recently debuted KiraPri), their opponents are probably one of the biggest obstacles to this show having a bigger foothold than it does, aside from the ever-increasing episode count that a lot of groups just can’t keep up with.

The start of this episode certainly gave Ajimi a run for her money. Hibiki was so focused on going first in this round of the competition – the better to avoid the vocal stylings of Ucchari Big Bangs – that the entire cold open was little more than a string of puns, most of which were untranslateable directly, that it reminds me of why I love this show, and why it’s so frustrating.


But if Hibiki got her way, there wouldn’t be any conflict. So Falulu dives in and lets them go second. The performance of their song actually breaks Hibiki. Like, hospital bed and everything. Which, if we remember S2, was Ajimi’s fault in the first place. That’s high stakes for this show, and also ridiculous. Which sums up why PriPara is so good. It’s fully committed to its weirdness, and that gets the audience invested in it too.


Both of the songs performed this week are really good. I’m gonna miss having these characters come next season. That’s one advantage I’ve always felt PriPara has over Aikatsu, in that the VAs for its characters do their own songs. Which is standard for most of anime, but it’s notable compared to its main competition here.


Thankfully, things end on a touching note. Hibiki is able to overcome her aversion to gobi, and Tricolore ends up winning their round of the tournament. Which, they always were going to. Big Bangs was only formed a week or three ago, and in this case, seniority and plot importance of the characters makes for a better competition. Though they still have to face either Non Sugar or Solami Smile before they get to challenge Dressing Pafe for the top title.


The tournament episodes are rolling along pretty smoothly. No real complaints to be had. It’s a showcase for the characters and songs, while slowly building towards the goddess subplot in the background. Enjoy it while we can.



On Valentine’s Day, the sisters’ units square off in a competition that Non has been waiting all season for.


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