PriPara 132


Angels, devils and monsters unite!

This is a simple episode, as expected from probably the most formal tournament arc the show has done. No new characters or developments to drag it off course, the Council of Meganiis is absent, and the stakes are fully understood by all the characters. Audiences around the world are watching, with the Divine outfit in sight. So first up is Galumageddon and Dressing Pafe, in probably some of their last performances for this series.


The episode began with each team going about things in their usual way. Galumageddon relying on the power of the tarot and being the hyperactive, goofy team they are. At the same time, Shion was trying to apply a strict training and planning course to Dorothy and Leona, while Dorothy wasn’t really that interested in it. The performances themselves used both groups’ new songs for this season, and there were some elements that I liked.


To start, their Making Dramas are apparently occupying the same “space”. It’s a competition in a much more direct sense. Galuzilla is summoned and starts writing in the sky, which is neat in and of itself. The CGI used for the beastie, while obvious, isn’t too bad either for a TV anime. This is followed up by Dressing Pafe using their Sentai-inspired Making Drama to blast away the monster. Though it comes down to how many people vote in for them too, which happens rather instantaneously.

Dressing Pafe takes the first round. I suspected it would go to them. They’ve been around since the first season, and are much closer to “main character” status, which is a pretty big deciding factor in these things. But Galumageddon put up a good fight, and this shot of them walking away into the sunset is a nice note to end the episode on.


There are other little things I could mention, like how they got a video from Anko and Miruku, the two kids that they helped out during S2. It’s their sendoff, though I’m sure they’ll have a role to play in whatever problem erupts once this tournament is said and done. Idol Time doesn’t start until April. There’s plenty of episodes left for hijinks.


Ucchari Big Bangs vs Tricolore!


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