PriPara 130


Hack the gods, save the world.

This episode is low-key and strongly emotional, tying together everyone’s subplots around Jululu, who’s now been permanently reincarnated into Jewlie. Though not for long. For as magical as it is (and it can get pretty out there), ultimately PriPara is closer to an augmented/virtual reality game than it is anything else. Even Jewlie herself seems aware of the nature of how things are programmed. Of course, this raises so many questions about things like Falulu and Galulu having definite sentience and free will, and the ongoing mystery of what exactly Meganee is, but that’s for another time. Because with one line, everything for the rest of the season has been set on course.

When the tournament ends, Jewlie is going to disappear, and pass the command of the next Divine Idol Tournament onto Janice. Apparently everything she was doing this season was part of a really elaborate plot to get Janice prepared to take over, most likely to help her get acquainted with humans and discover the fun of being an idol. All of this is heartwarming, and the revelation that Lala was Jewlie/Jululu’s “mom” – and that Jewlie herself was that baby everyone saw all season – is taken in stride a lot easier than Non expected at the start of the show.

No, I want to focus on the second act of the episode. After Hibiki tries to hack her way up to the divine stage where Jewlie and Janice wait – the carriage-looking stage we’ve seen countless times – it turns out Jewlie was waiting for them the whole time.

The way she thought of something nice to say to everybody made for some touching/comical moments. She lets Galulu play-bite her. She had a blank wall prepared for Ajimi to unleash her artistic madness on. And the way she praised Dorothy – by saying her mind was like a baby’s, and thus able to understand her – was such a perfect Dorothy moment.



The cast has been through a lot this season, and while the writing hasn’t always been even, and some plotlines have seemed dragged out and then resolved themselves rather quickly, when the show does things like this, I admit that it works. The relationships feel earned. So the arc of Jewlie’s story isn’t quite the same as Kotoha/Haa-chan’s. It’s less intimate and a little more complex, but the amount of bonds she’s formed among such a large cast can’t be discounted.

This tension is almost diffused by Meganii saying at the end that there may be a way for the girls to save Jewlie if they become a Divine Idol, which almost certainly will happen. Whether this means Jewlie and Janice make any recurring cameos next season, we’ll see. There’s still a lot of this cour left to go. About three more months’ worth, including the final Grand Prix and whatever chaos the goddesses manage to unleash upon the world that’ll require a miracle.

I’m looking forward to it. The world needs more miracles these days.


The final round of the Grand Prix begins. Galumageddon and Non Sugar look to be up first.


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