PriPara 129


Do not adjust your set.

As the show enters its final cour, we begin with an episode that’s equal parts subdued, extremely wacky and building up to things to come. The emotional core of the episode is Jululu learning to speak, saying a full sentence near the end in “I love you, mom.” Which is brought about because of a dream she has of herself as Jewlie growing increasingly distant and starting to fade out of existence.

Does this mean a twilight of the goddesses is happening in the city-state of idols? That the program the siblings activated was only meant to last for about one year, and now that it’s over, she’s going to revert to being data again? Even so, for a baby to be aware of their own passage of time and mortality (even if said baby really is a centuries old goddess) is still a surprisingly heavy direction for a candy-colored show like this to take.

The plotline that gives the episode its title comes from Meganee announcing that, with one slot open for the final round of the Grand Prix, a group of characters who aren’t the headliners will have a chance to prove themselves. Cosmo and Ajimi are looking for someone after Nanami kyupikon’d herself right into space at the end of their last performance, and apparently never came back. That’s exactly the kind of way you’d expect this show to kickstart that plotline. So a-searching they go.


Ever since New and Mew were absorbed into this giant flower dress, this “unit” just keeps showing up in the background, getting more and more idols appended to it every time. It’s the attention to details like this that keep me coming back to the show. But back to Ajimi’s search. As it turns out, there is one character they can borrow who has sung before, has a 3D model that can be used in tandem with theirs, and is fairly popular with the fanbase.

So, Ucchari Big Bangs is born. The unit of Ajimi, Cosmo and Chanko instantly secures a spot in the competition and gets a new song that’s pretty awesome. It’s not quite metal, but it’s as metal as PriPara has gotten, since it draws some inspiration from Chanko’s wrestling rock anthem.

I also want to comment on the title of the song. “(Ai)dol o Torimodose” It’s a deliberate reference to the first opening of Fist of the North Star with “Ai o Torimodose” (Bring Back Love), and while the song isn’t a remix or rewrite, it’s in the same genre wheelhouse, and is a stellar performance for Yamamoto, Ueda and Akasaki as a trio.

Have I mentioned the Making Drama? Chanko throws Ajimi and Cosmo into an eclipse. That’s even more awesome than punching a shark. Even this late in the game, the show can still pull out a surprise or two.

Janice attempted to crash the blessing ceremony for this new trio, but she failed again. I want to talk more about this song. This is one that merits several re-listens. For this alone, a great episode.


The battle of the goddess sisters returns to the main stage once again.


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