PriPara 128


It’s time for a feast!

This is the last PriPara of the year, but not of the season. We’re in that slow lull between seasons, when only the last few one-cour (or two-cour from the summer) shows are wrapping up, the holidays are upon us, and things are generally kind of quiet. There are some things in life that are constants, and PriPara‘s been a constant for a long time now. Which is why it’s unsurprising that a fourth season was recently confirmed, with Lala still being the star.

Whatever the fourth season is about, I’ll be there to offer my thoughts on it. Before that, this week’s episode. It’s another “chase scene/hijinks” kind of episode, with everyone scrambling to reach one central point before something happens. In this case, Pepper following through on her promise to eat Usacha if they win the Divine Grand Prix. Usacha is surprisingly calm about her death by being eaten, even if the show is tempering it with humor in a lot of ways.

Also, who’d have expected material like this in an idol show? It’s something right out of Excel Saga.


There’s also a B-plot dealing with Janice’s aftermath from being unable to follow through on her plans. She’s doing some soul searching as her baby self, which leads to even more silliness, like this scene where Chiri gets a cow to bow down before her.


I also noticed something that makes the PriPara world look so much more appealing. Dressing Pafe’s one scene has them playing video games in the park, while Shion gets frustrated with her digital go. The West siblings look to be playing on some model of 3DS, while Shion…


The colors and configuration are a bit more uncomfortable, but Shion somehow got her hands on a Nintendo Switch long before its release.


From the moment the plot of this episode was announced, it was probably known how it was going to revolve itself… mostly. Janice runs the cow she was resting on through Pepper’s dining table, saying that her bond with Usacha is too strong, too… friendly, for her to eat her manager. And that she’s starting to figure out this “friendship” thing too. It’s about as simple a lesson as one would expect from a kids’ show, but it works because of how well we know these characters, and that it’s the culmination of plotlines that have been running for at least one cour or more at this point. The wonders of long-form storytelling.

Also, Usagi and Kuma are sacrificed in Usacha’s place to be Pepper’s meal. She hasn’t gotten over her habits, only changed targets.

The episode has a nice mix of comedy and character development to wrap up the year. Nothing outstanding, but a good cooldown after the intensity of the episodes leading up to the Winter Grand Prix.

There’s going to be no PriPara next week, so I’ll be back with another review on January 10th in the new year. Everyone’s friends, everyone’s an idol, nobody deserves to be eaten even if it’s part of a weird promise made with a jungle girl.


All the secondary characters get one more chance to compete in the coveted final slot of the season-wrapping Grand Prix. QP Cosmix, this may be your time to shine!


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