PriPara 124


It’s Tuesday morning. Do you know where your goddess is?

It sort of slipped my mind recently, but I can certainly appreciate the PriPara cast moving into other major roles. i☆Ris has the potential to be a powerhouse of singing and voice acting, though the members who actually have done that are few at this point. Yuu Serizawa had some major roles in seasons past, and this cour we have Lala’s VA taking the main role in Izetta, and Non’s VA Minami Tanaka starring in the very similar role of Agari in Ping Pong Girls. Purple hair, intense rivalry with the main character, awkwardly cute. Agari really is a slightly older Non.

The Manaka sisters have been more important in this season than past ones, with the sisterly relationships being contrasted with those of the goddesses. Something that comes to a head in this episode, and made all the more explicit since Janice is no longer a mystery to the main cast.

Jululu now has the ability to walk independently, and she once again uses the chance to warp age into Jewlie. Janice does the same for the members of Non Sugar, and it’s here that the show portrays a big difference between the two goddesses that will be made explicit in a later conversation in the episode. Jululu wants to train with her “mom” and become an idol herself. Janice acts as more of a stern coach, focusing solely on victory and obtaining the staff that’s played a part in the Divine Challenge Lives that have been showing up since the first episode of this season.


When Jewlie goes out on the town with Lala and company, the same ideas resurface. Jewlie knows who all the idols are in the city-state, even background characters who we’ve never met until now. She knows what they’re working on, asks them about their day, and generally treats them like people. When she has a conversation with her own sister later, we find out that Janice thinks idols (and humans, most likely) are “foolish, incomplete” creatures. I wonder what that means since the Idol Goddesses (and Demi-Goddesses like Falulu) look pretty human themselves. Are they merely taking on human form, or is it hypocrisy? Either way, Janice wants her sister to come back to the heavenly world and stop palling around with regular humans. Again.

In some ways, it’s a rehash of what we already knew from the first time the sisters clashed a few episodes ago, there’s one element that cuts right to the heart of a certain character. Chiri overhears the “foolish, incomplete” line from Janice, who she’s been with for the entire season, and starts to realize, even in her timid civilian form, that she may be nothing more than a pawn in Janice’s plans to leave the humans behind. Not an easy revelation to take.

This episode was largely cute and heartwarming, as the series in general is, but that conversation is going to have some repercussions down the line. We’re quickly approaching the final cour, and with the presence of a new movie on the horizon, a fourth(!) season is looking pretty likely. This may not be the end of the story overall, but it may be the end of Jewlie and Janice’s story starting to kick in.

That little girl has gone from an audience surrogate to someone who may hold the fate of the idol world on her shoulders. Far more than either of the sisters do.


Every minor character who’s not part of a unit competes to have their time in the spotlight. Chaos. Simply chaos.


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