PriPara 120


The moment of truth!

It feels good when a plotline comes together. When the trip to Africa happened, Hiibki was still a regular cast member. When Chiri first debuted, we were back in April. It took half the season for this plotline to finally gel together, and even now, it’s not over. Experiencing it in real time also helps, I’d imagine this would feel just as long, but in a different way, if one was marathoning the episodes. If the episodes were consistently subbed. I don’t blame people, this can be a difficult show to do.

So this episode has Non, Pepper and Chiri visiting Chiri’s house, raising some flowers, and generally working on getting along. Two of the main things picked up here are that Pepper doesn’t like garlic, and that Chiri’s grandmother is someone you don’t want to mess with. Her glare can freeze people, literally. You have Pepper licking on a Nonsicle at one point. There’s also a touching story about Pepper doing a rain dance in her days back in Africa, which all comes together when the trio is able to make a flower bloom. It’s a good thing they do their ceremony for becoming Non Sugar outside the park, though.

Because Idol!Chiri is still as stubborn as ever. It takes Janice and her own grandmother to convince her that a promise to form a team is still a promise. The only other Celebrity-type idol we know is Hibiki, and she had very similar problems. Those gems probably need more polishing. Great idol talent, difficult to work with others. In a show where units and teams are everything, that seems to be a hindrance. The biggest surprise of this, though…


Is that Chiri’s grandma reveals she’s been coming to PriPara ever since the Taisho era. When Meganee was known as Koume and liked to go around town singing goofy little songs about the landmarks. (Maybe not that part.) And when she’s in the park, she still looks it. And Meganii recognizes her. The history of the idol world is a fascinating one. It’s clear that it didn’t just start when Lala showed up. There’s probably countless stories like hers in eras past, and of course, that makes it easy for fans of the arcade game and otherwise to slot themselves into the world. Even if they don’t end up saving idol-dom multiple times over through a series of coincidences.

It’s the second new song in only a few episodes! Non Sugar’s first song has a really catchy beat that’s slightly reminiscent of the PriPara Police’s song, and plays up the rock/paper/scissors motifs its main trio has going. S3 may not have as many new songs as past seasons – the first mini album being released soon only covers up to Amazing Castle – but it does have some pretty great ones. I can easily see myself listening to this one a few times over.

But, even though two of their members have been around the goddesses for most of the series, no member of Non Sugar has been blessed by them after their first performance. Non already has this cleared with her Triangle personae, but now that she has a proper unit, she shouldn’t need to use them anymore. So what’s holding them back? It’s probably Chiri, but this would be the first time that one member’s stubbornness affected an entire unit. They need to find a way to get that blessing, and soon.


Ajimi and Cosmo host a fashion show. I’ll need next week’s episode to distract me.


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