PriPara 119


Does anyone else remember Digimon: The Movie?

I used up a lot of the good Halloween jokes and commentary in the last two episodes of these, so I’m not sure what angle to take here. Did you know that Halloween became a thing in Japan only recently? It seems more prominent this year because a lot of shows that I’m watching are taking advantage of it. Digimon Universe Appmonsters just did a Halloween episode, Maho Girls has two of them, and of course, this show’s been doing them ever since its inception. I also remember Rainbow Live‘s Halloween episode, which functioned as more of a heavy episode dealing with Ito and her family issues, compared to the general wackiness that Ran brings to PriPara‘s world.


Last year had the scaring contest, while this year has more of a haunted house/maze type deal. By now, the glasses siblings know that Ran is a Halloween expert, so they let her manage it with the same kind of system that controls the weather and other aspects of the city-state of idols. The cards they give her make references to famous horror icons – like a chef in a Jason hockey mask who just wants to cook food – while keeping everything family-friendly. Naturally, Aroma is not pleased with this. She hijacks the control booth with her own tarot cards and things go out of control. Except Galulu is completely sane and cheering it on this time.


There’s not a whole ton of plot to talk about, but it does let us see the characters in their element. And that includes the new ones. Chiri and Pepper both get scenes showing how they react to Halloween – Pepper is scarier to Usacha than any sort of monster, but Pepper still ends up saving her… probably so she can eat Usacha first. There’s also the fun of having Janice on hand for Chiri. The goddesses don’t do too much this week beyond tagging along with their owners, but they had their big time in the spotlight in the previous episode.

I really liked Aromageddon’s new catgirl outfits for their Halloween performance of Amazing Castle, and Solami Smile’s trick or treat themed Making Drama was also pretty nice. It’s an all around solid Halloween episode.



Non finally gets her team to cooperate as the new unit, Non Sugar, is formed.


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