PriPara 118


The scale just shot way up.

PriPara‘s always chaotic, but what’s unique about the chaos of this episode is that it’s almost entirely restrained to two sets and multiple flashbacks. It’s exposition-heavy, but very important in the grand scheme of things. Namely, what exactly is happening with the goddesses.


Ajimi’s lecture last episode blurred out the faces of several prominent figures in the history of idoldom, and there’s a good reason for that. Many of them were Jewlie, taking on a human guise and walking among us, because she didn’t just want to watch over idols from her Olympus-like area. She wanted to go down there and join in. Janis didn’t see that as being befitting of a goddess.

Also amusing – Janis is played by Aki Toyosaki, sounding much closer to her role as Medaka than her cutesy Yui Hirasawa voice. Since the cast of Bakuon!! was almost deliberately aping K-ON!‘s, having both the original Yui and someone who can sound remarkably like her acting together, in two very important roles, is a good bit of casting. So, let’s flash back to the first episode.

Jewlie decided to turn herself into a baby so she could be close to the action while not becoming an idol directly as a way to appease her sister – but Janis also turned into a baby. And there’s a major difference. While Jululu has the mind of a baby while she’s in that form, Janis maintains her immortal goddess mind despite her small frame. Having Toyosaki’s deeper voice come out of a cute (and palette swapped) baby is a sight to behold.

There’s also the revelation that Chiri’s been taking care of Janis this whole time. Though Chiri herself was out of the action for half of this season’s runtime. It does explain how she was able to have such a presence immediately after she reappeared – some divine intervention. There’s also a lot of chaos going on in the first half dealing with the various sisterly relationships in the show. Janis and Non find companionship in being the sensible younger sister compared to their silly older sisters – which prompts Sophie, Usacha and even Leona to chime in.


The second half of the episode deals with Usacha once again attempting to put her team together. They almost get far enough this time, but Non gets yet another repeat of her Triangle performance. For a group of characters that became irrelevant to the series at the end of the first cour, they’ve gotten a lot of mileage out of reusing that one song. I can’t wait until Non and her team gets the first new song for this cour.

Also, speaking of songs, a new album was finally confirmed for this season. Though it only features four songs, going up to Amazing Castle. “mon chou chou” or whatever Non’s song eventually ends up being won’t be coming out until later. But for those of you who want to buy it, there you go.

I’m glad to get some explanations, and to get Aki Toyosaki in this show. She’s always been one of my favorite VAs, since she was rising to prominence right about when I first got into anime. Though Janis is about the polar opposite of Shugo Chara!‘s Su.


We interrupt this ongoing plot to bring your our annual Halloween episode. Ran is back again, for the second time!


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