PriPara 117


This room can be yours, at a reasonable price.

Apologies for the delay. There’s a lot of stuff to catch up on this anime season, plus various backlog shows – and the raw was a little delayed. But it was worth the wait, because this episode kickstarted things in a way that S3 hasn’t seen for a little while. THe two halves of the story were basically separate episodes, but each one of them contained funny moments, heartwarming moments and further advancements of the overplots that have been going on since the season’s start.


The first half was about Non trying to form her team and being assigned as Pepper’s minder during her school hours. For someone raised in the wild, Pepper has a pretty good grasp of Japanese, just not very much for social etiquette. She’s not dumb, but the formality of Japanese culture isn’t something she’s used to. I appreciated seeing Fuwari’s old wood-paneled bedroom again, even if Pepper thinks she’s supposed to sleep on top of the dresser. She transferred in as a first grader despite being at least twice as tall as Non, but given how fast things go in this show, she’ll be in the same class as the main characters at least before next(?) season.

There was also a little gag at the start with Chiri, where her timid self outside the park is okay with forming a unit, but her other personality is still too prideful to even consider it. No matter who she’s dealing with, Non is more level-headed and craftier than either of them… which can be frustrating when dealing with a show full of weirdoes of all stripes.

Tying back to Pepper, Ajimi gave a lecture that basically said PriPara dates back to ancient Africa, in the earliest days of humanity. That’s both scientifically accurate and establishes just how deep idols run in this world. And is amusing in contrast to what’s coming up later. Ajimi’s mostly used for exposition and terrible puns these days, so I can appreciate her filling in the world of the show a little more.

Then Jululu learns how to walk and everything changes.


For as much as I’ve been viewing Falulu as a goddess, when an actual goddess enters the city-state of idols, there’s not nearly as much fanfare. A god walking among mortals is treated as something to be reverent about, but otherwise not abnormal. And you know what that means. A new song!

The actresses who’ve played the goddesses – Akasaki and Ueda – have also played very different characters that gave them more than one song. That being Ajimi and Chanko. This really speaks to Ueda’s vocal range that she can play (and sing as) two completely different characters. I really love Lily’s song over in Aikatsu Stars! too, but Ueda only voices that character and doesn’t sing for herself.

The Making Drama where Jewlie plays Katamari Damacy and creates the cosmos is amazing. It’s the same reason why I liked Bell Rose’s Prism Jump (and a lot of the later Prism Jumps too). Japan has always been great about using the universe as symbolic imagery to convey that sense of majesty.


Speaking of Rainbow Live, it looks like we may be in for a Rinne situation. I thought the palette swapped Jewlie that appeared at the end of the episode was a copy/fragment like June was to Rinne, but based on the episode preview, that may actually be Janis, Jewlie’s sister. What’s going on here, and what does this mean for the greater story of the season?

The first half of the episode was about what I was expecting – hijinks with Pepper and more of the Non storyline, but the second half felt like the story was finally moving forward. Even if Jululu basically warp evolved into her Cure Felice-like state in the span of one cut as soon as she learned to walk. No inbetween stages like Kotoha.

Things are about to get interesting.


“Sisters, the Princess and the Beast.” A tale as old as time?


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