PriPara 115


Please nerf.


Another singing competition comes to pass. I did like Aroma musing if anybody would remember Galumageddon’s performance, since they were the only main characters to not perform this week, but in the end, it wasn’t that important – the narrative flags had been raised a long time ago, and, as I predicted, Tricolore took home the shoes on this one. The pieces of the Divine Outfit have been pretty evenly spread among the entire main cast, which makes me suspect this is leading up to another performance where all the main characters sing at once – and if the information about future episodes holds, that would be 15 singers on stage at one time. Basically an entireĀ iM@S movie’s worth of performers. But we’re not up to that point yet, so let’s focus on the present.


Seeing the new songs that the main cast has gained is always nice, even if it feels like it’s padding out an episode that actually has about half that in regular content. But what regular content it does have makes up for it with the show’s usual sense of elastic reality and cartoonisms. And even some heartwarming moments. You have little things like Jululu hopping a ride on the pelican here.


Or Usacha’s ears turning into actual swords when her brother gets too close for comfort.



There’s also this moment. For being at Hibiki’s side and taking Tricolore to their first major victory about ten minutes after they were first authorized, Unicorn officially declares Andou to be worthy of being called a Manager, even if he’s just a man in a goat suit. For this honor, he’s assigned a new name that’s relatively short by the standards for producers in this show. “Goat Baabaa Moomoo Almond Jelly.” Or “Goat” for short. I never thought they’d find a way to give Andou’s ridiculous goat disguise a promotion. This gesture took it from running gag to a mark of honor, putting him in the same league as Unicorn and Toriko for the other members. This show just keeps finding ways to surprise me.


There’s a weird tangent about Amamiya again, but one cutaway during Solami Smile’s performance is actually important. We look outside the Animal Kingdom… er, Adventureland pavilion… the Savanna city-state of idols and see a girl sitting with a wildcat, eating a large hunk of cartoon meat and being mesmerized by the idols she can see from a distance.

Speaking of Non’s future teammates, the end of the episode also confirms that Chiri’s “grovel before me” fan only works on Solami Smile and Dressing Pafe. Hibiki doesn’t even flinch at it. And has to reject Chiri’s offer to join her team, not in the least because she already has a team. One that took home the gold this round.

For these Grand Prix episodes, it’s all about what’s in the margins. Compared to past Grand Prixs, this one went largely as planned, with most of the drama being internal instead of external. That said, I look forward to returning to the show’s usual style of episodes, where its comedy can flourish at its best.


The Savanna girl gets to Japan and starts hunting fluffy mascots. Toriko’s worst nightmare come true.


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