PriPara 106

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Earthly matters are no obstacle to angels, devils and monsters.

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This episode turned out to be both a lot more plot important and a lot less, content-wise, than I was expecting. Most of it was, once more, spent on what amounts to a long chase scene that concludes with a concert. The way that concert played out was not completely unexpected, but certainly unprecedented. PriPara is unafraid to break from its own formula if it feels things need to be pushed along.

Picking up right where we left off last week, just after Galumageddon’s first formal concert, Jululu materializes from Lala’s compact and nearly catches the attention of the audience… and the International Coalition of Meganiis, starting with the Russian one. Japan’s media has always had a close relationship with France and Russia in different ways, but all I’ll say on this matter is that in terms of real world events, that’s a hell of a time for this particular plot point to come up.

The Meganiis want to take Jewelie away from Parajuku, since, even though we’ve been following the main cast, the ones who have saved the idol world multiple times, it’s really not the center of the idol world in-universe. Just one of many locations and not a particularly important one, at that. But habits are tough to break, and Jululu and Lala have already developed a strong bond, one that would feel cruel to break. Not that the Parisian Meganii isn’t going to try.

(And where’s Meganee in all this? She appeared as our Meganii’s cheerleaders and runs the desk, but an international incident seems like a pretty darn important time to get involved. Unless “It’s the system!” also applies to international custody rights for magical idol babies.)

Galumageddon serves as the main decoys in all of this, and clearly aren’t happy about the competition being called off after they just got authorized under the system. Luckily, they manage to escape and put on one more performance of “Amazing Castle!”, even if they have to provide Meganee’s narration on their own. While last week’s introductory speech was charged with the emotions of success, this one is charged with the emotions of a possible farewell. We, the audience, know that it isn’t. These things run for a full year, and we’re not even halfway through this cour yet. Yet, Asami Sanada, Yui Watanabe and Yui Makino sell it.

And it works. Jululu has always done things her way, and in this case, not only is their “farewell” performance counted as an entry in the Divine Idol Grand Prix, it’s the winning entry.

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The prize is a skirt that’s just as gold and glittery as the hat – though these are really meant to be worn as a set, so I don’t think Galumageddon can wear just the skirt. I’m sure the writers already have something worked out for this. The lesson here is that the Goddess’ words are final on all matters, no matter what the lowly humans in charge of it on a day to day basis have to say.

This Aroma three-parter has been a nice return to form for everyone’s favorite chuuni idol. I feel we’re just about due for a change of pace, soon. Either in the introduction of a new singer, a new plot twist or something no one sees coming.


An episode focusing on the mascots and Ajimi! Prepare yourself for some awful, awful puns.


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