PriPara 104

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Bow down before the Great Aroma!

It’s easy to forget, given her chuuni grandstanding, but behind Aroma’s punny allegiances to dark magic and her love of everything occult, there’s a shy girl there who simply wants friends and to be noticed. This episode provides a chance for that, showing the softer side of someone who’s been appearing less and less this season. It’s also an episode about the creative process. While fashion design is a different field than writing, the creative juices that flow through an artist should be largely the same regardless of medium.

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This episode is about Paris’ Meganii stopping by, announcing that Paris’ PriPara is celebrating its 222nd anniversary. Doing some quick math and history, this means magical idols have existed in France since the time of the French Revolution. Really changes how you look at history. He reveals that a contest to design a new brand is on, with the winner having it debut around the world. Everyone sees this as their shot at fame, but Aroma especially.

Seeing her sitting down and focusing, with nary a tarot card or “grimoire” in sight is an interesting change of pace for her. Mikan and Galulu’s attempts at cheering her on don’t really work, but they do support her. It’s an unusually quiet moment for a loud character. There’s a series of mishaps where Aroma’s design gets swapped out for a curry recipe that makes its way into the list of entries, but at least her suffering isn’t prolonged.

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Because Cosmo and Ajimi are the judges. I’ve heard of speed-reading, but speed-fashion-judging is new. They shuffle through a stack of papers in under a minute, only briefly pausing on some of the more…. unusual ideas. (Why would someone submit a giant plant monster?) I think being judges disqualifies them from entering – a necessity since Aroma was already feeling like she couldn’t match up to two experienced idols/designers. One of the few times her more uncertain side has come through, especially while in PriPara. Outside of it she has no problem showing her other self, but here, she’s supposed to have a mask, a new self, a more idealized self. Even that can crack under pressure.

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Your usual kids’ show storyline of putting together everyone’s strengths comes into play, and Aroma creates a new design that takes all parts of Galumageddon into account – and takes it directly to the stage. I wish Galumageddon had gotten a new song out of this, but “Reversible-Ring”‘s already had to adjust its choreography once. The Macaron Factory MD was also delightfully weird.

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Ultimately, this proves to be beneficial. After their abject failure some amount of episodes ago, Aroma and Mikan are finally blessed by Jewelie and allowed to step into the domain of the gods. Even a devil can become a god, it seems. Though Galulu is not blessed. At first I thought it was unncessary because she’s a Vocal Doll, and they’re basically demigods in the idol universe, but no easy breaks. She didn’t get it because Jewelie didn’t deem her worthy. Unlike Dorothy, this doesn’t cause her to lash out at the world. She simply promises to try harder next time. Like next week.

[Ohys-Raws] PuriPara - 104 (TX 1280x720 x264 AAC).mp4_snapshot_20.03_[2016.07.12_10.45.08]

Turns out this is exactly what Aroma’s “Love Devil” needs to win the contest, all thanks to Meganii finagling the contest rules because of time zones to allow it to count as an entry. This episode was a nice showcase for Aroma and Mikan. Their friendship and their quirks were equally on display. Looking forward to seeing them compete in the next round of the Divine Grand Prix.


Idol Wars: The Galulu Awakens



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