PriPara 100

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We’re one short of a dalmatian plantation and with one more red balloon than usual.

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100 episodes is quite the milestone no matter what kind of series you’re talking about. It’s not necessary – several classic shows like Cardcaptor Sakura never made it there – and in Japan, where shows can easily be renewed for four cours at a time, making it to 100 episodes is a (slightly) easier task, at least for kids’ shows. That doesn’t mean it’s not worth celebrating.

The AV Club, a source that’s inspired a lot of my critical writing skills, and even ANN, has a column called 100 Episodes that covers exactly that. Shows which lasted this long, and looking at what gave them their longevity. Not all of those shows were quite as blatant about it as PriPara, though.

Characters are frequently referring to things in terms of 100 during this episode, and the thing Dorothy was pursuing Jululu (word of advice: Do not pursue Jululu without caution) about, which sounded like “baka!” in her baby-speak turned out to be “hyaku (100)”. Even the baby knows what was happening outside the world of this show.

[Ohys-Raws] PuriPara - 100 (TX 1280x720 x264 AAC).mp4_snapshot_07.05_[2016.06.14_10.26.21]

Though her name may be Dorothy, she ended up in a bit of an Alice in Wonderland situation in this episode. She somehow ended up inside the Pact, shrunken down to chibi size and forced to live inside what’s basically a Tamagotchi space. Roomy for a baby, not really meant for a grown human. Especially when she returns to her normal size later on.

[Ohys-Raws] PuriPara - 100 (TX 1280x720 x264 AAC).mp4_snapshot_10.11_[2016.06.14_10.29.34]

Dorothy’s always been full of herself and concerned with winning more than anyone else in the main group, but she does have her softer side. When she realized Jululu was trying to open a dresser drawer in her room, she helped get it open so the little goddess could enjoy the cotton candy she had stashed within. And Jululu returned the favor when the Pact was rolling down the river through a convoluted series of events that involved Nene, Aroma and Mikan putting Dorothy’s life at risk by tossing it around like a toy. Which it is, but most toys don’t contain living humans inside.

[Ohys-Raws] PuriPara - 100 (TX 1280x720 x264 AAC).mp4_snapshot_13.26_[2016.06.14_10.32.57]

Dorothy has been blessed, the episode has drilled it into us over 100 times that it’s the 100th episode, and Meganii doesn’t care that Galumageddon won’t be competing in the Divine Idol Grand Prix. I have a feeling they may get blessed later, but not until the second round of the competition begins. I doubt Aroma’s going to let herself sit out of this one that easily.

This was a really cute episode, if a bit heavy on the meta nods. The contest at the end was fun for those who are living in Japan, but us overseas fans will have to settle for a simply enjoyable Dorothy episode. I’m glad to have followed the show this far, and all the comments I’ve received on this blog telling me to keep it up are welcomed and appreciated. I do this because kids’ shows, girls’ shows, overlooked shows, the curiosities of the anime world that are hiding in plain sight, I want to bring more awareness of them to the rest of the internet.

To 100 episodes, and at least one more season!


The Divine Idol Grand Prix begins in earnest. Two sisters compete. A small goddess decides the stakes. Let’s raise the curtain!


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