PriPara 99

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Not as much of a vacation as Dorothy would’ve wanted.

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Galumageddon is fun to watch and Solami Smile may be the main characters, but the Dressing Pafe group has always been my favorite. Most of their songs are done in a more rock-like style, Dorothy is delightfully stubborn, Leona is breaking down gender barriers in kids’ TV, and Shion ties them all together. They’ve kinda been out of focus this season since it feels like Jululu decides where the focus goes. That also applies here.

Aside from Non’s one song that the staff was able to play four times over in slightly different configurations, we haven’t had much in the way of new music. This episode begins almost immediately with Dressing Pafe getting a new song, and then deciding to do a training camp to hone their skills with it, partially spurred on by Usacha letting fame to go her head and calling her brother a failure of a manager. Dorothy in particular won’t stand for that, and so the episode goes.

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While we got to see each member of Solami Smile handle Jululu individually, Dressing Pafe gets it all at once, and it immediately becomes clear none of their styles are really compatible. That is what led to their name in the first place, but when there’s a fourth party, and a baby at that, involved, a bit more coordination can really come in handy. Shion’s physically training, Leona handles the cooking, and most of Dorothy’s suggestions, including letting Jululu play a video game she barely understands (it appears to be a DS with a Playstation-like button layout) and scaring her way too much, end up backfiring. Pay attention, this is going to be important later.

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Jululu goes missing after wandering off after a crab, everyone plays on the shoreline, and things seem to have turned out for the better.

The new song “Run♪ for Jumping!” is a great song with a real summertime feel to it. It’s not quite on the same level as “Change! My World”, which is still one of my favorite songs ever, but it’s a great piece that shows off the vocal skills of all three performers involved. I was skeptical at first of having i☆Ris both act and sing in the show, since they’re not VAs first, but they’ve grown into their characters. Inhabiting them on screen and on stage for three seasons will do that.

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So Jewlie blesses Dressing Pafe and ups them to be on Triangle’s level, all’s well that ends well… except for Dorothy. Dorothy’s drive to win (or her ulterior motive to get the premium cards out of Jululu, something she explicitly acknowledged to her face) may give her a fire that only Mirei can really match, but that backfired pretty horribly. And unlike Galumageddon, it stings even more. At least when Aroma and Mikan failed, they failed together. Here, Dorothy’s brother got the thing she wanted after all of them pulled off a pretty good song performance. I don’t think Dorothy has an inferiority complex, but she certainly has a bit of an ego, and this is going to sting it hard.

I know I don’t comment on the animation part of PriPara that much, but I can recognize aesthetics and I know a lot about music and character beats. I’m simply trying to critique these episodes to the best of my ability. We’re approaching the end of the first cour of the third season, and I like the way things are shaping up now that more cards are on the table.


It’s the show’s 100th episode! It’s a Dorothy episode! I can’t imagine having it any other way.


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