PriPara 98

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As per the Non Disclosure Agreement, the truth is finally revealed!

Non has been a major player in the show since it began. The Pop to Lala’s Doremi, she was one of the people who helped Falulu towards humanity by showing her the value of connecting to another person. Her role in season 2 wasn’t nearly as big, but season 3 put her into the spotlight in a big way, and this episode revealed exactly why she’s doing what she’s doing.

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The condensed version is that Non got her ticket back around the time of the first episode of S3, just before the glasses siblings set their latest game in motion. This also reveals that Kanon is sort of the Non Prime, her default personality and the one she’s in control of most of the time. Junon and Pinon are more like the Doppels when you’re playing Triforce Heroes on solo mode. A pain in the ass to deal with, but necessary for the way the game is being played. PriPara is all about the units, after all.

As to how this came about, taking care of Jululu simply gave Non two more crystals in the Cool and Pop attributes that she could use for a sort of idol mode change. And with it, she decided to put on new personalities too. Digging even further back, the reason why she teamed up with Usacha is incredibly simple. Both of them want to crush their siblings completely.

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In Non’s case, it’s because she’s better at Lala than everything but being an idol. The final frontier left to conquer. I wonder if Non knows she’s already saved the idol world twice and been mentored by the Saints themselves. That’s a lot of catching up to do. As for Usacha, we already know her older brother is an overprotective jackass, and the bear is a stalker and also kind of a jackass. She doesn’t want to be stuck in the middle of their contest, and wants to prove herself as a manager. So, two people, brought together by grudges and determination, are what it takes to make Triangle.

As the header picture shows, Non did have the foresight to immediately go to Meganee asking if this was legal, and Meganee’s response was “No rule that says you can’t.” So Non is basically doing multiboxing with her actual self. No wonder there was no rule against it, Meganee must have thought nobody would be crazy enough to try it. When your plan requires you to create realistic-looking holograms to be able to pose as a “unit”…

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All of this crazy hard work pays off, though. Seeing Triangle perform her/their signature song on stage for the first time is pretty cool.

This answers a lot of questions – and taking care of Jululu at home and giving her multiple performances in the idol world means Non gets a triple blessing from the gods the first time she goes on stage as a unit. Naturally, this has Dressing Pafe (mostly Dorothy) a little riled up that they have yet to be blessed. Things are about to heat up in the city state of idols, and all of this for the hair accessory. I can only imagine how intense everyone’s going to get once more important pieces of the crystal outfit are up for grabs. But that’s what happens when you’re trying to play God.

Anime loves its little sister characters, and revealing Non’s somewhat darker side of her ambitious nature, as well as how far she’s willing to go for it, has made for quite the interesting start to this new storyline. It’s only a matter of waiting for the other shoe to drop – the moment when Lala finds out her sister has been rising to fame without her knowledge.

What a moment that will be.


Dressing Pafe takes care of Jululu for the day. More hijinks are on the way!


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