PriPara 93

[Ohys-Raws] PuriPara - 93 (TX 1280x720 x264 AAC).mp4_snapshot_07.25_[2016.04.26_11.16.40]

You have got to see this!

[Ohys-Raws] PuriPara - 93 (TX 1280x720 x264 AAC).mp4_snapshot_11.04_[2016.04.26_11.20.29]

An episode titled “Jululu’s Big Adventure” doesn’t sound like it would advance the main story of the season. And for the most part, you’d be right. In some ways, it’s pretty similar to the previous episode, starting with Lala beginning to regret acting as Jululu’s mother because of the chaos she causes, getting into a fight, and everything culminates in a chase that takes Lala across the entire city of Harajuku.

I’ve noticed that, at least in these first few episodes, the school is playing a bigger part than it did near the end of the first season. Jululu seems to be the first Vocal Doll(?) that can actually exist outside of the city-state of idols, and since so much of the previous two seasons’ plots hinged on them, it’s good to see the series’ full setting being put to use, at least for the time being. Non is also taking a much more active role in things.

There is the theory going around that Triangle may be Non herself taking an active part in the idol proceedings. After all, why do all three of them have “-non” in their names? Not to mention that Junon looks the most like her, in terms of purple hair. Plus their voice actors have been obscured in the ending credits, and when you narrow down the list of main characters they could be, there aren’t very many people left.

On the other hand, Pinon had a performance this episode – it was the same song as Junon did in the previous one, so I won’t bother to repost – while Non was still at school, setting up a TV (she’s in the broadcast club) to watch it… in the courtyard. I’d think somewhere indoors would be better, but it’s easier for the Jululu plot to keep moving if everyone’s outside. They’re probably going to draw this plotline out for a few more episodes, so keep your theorizing hats on.

[Ohys-Raws] PuriPara - 93 (TX 1280x720 x264 AAC).mp4_snapshot_20.34_[2016.04.26_11.30.49]

Then things start happening. After another routine performance of “Triangle Star”, Lala is suddenly whisked away to the heavens, where she’s greeted by an idol goddess named Jewlie (who looks a lot like Jululu, obviously) and granted a new piece of merchandise that turns her mic into something more akin to Gandalf’s wizard staff, and wraps up the performance. Meganii clarifies this was a “Super Cyalume Outfit” and “the true start of the Godly Idol Grand Prix.”

All of this was installed via anĀ update? So the glasses siblings could just tap into the powers of the heavens themselves whenever they wished? People having a hotline to mythological (or commercialized mythological) deities isn’t strange at all in anime. We all know that Hane Sakura (voiced by Jululu’s VA, natch) had a meeting with a man who may have been Jesus the day before this episode aired. I can believe she has a direct connection to idol gods too.

Things just got a lot more interesting in the idol world.


Kanon, the final member of Triangle who believes herself to be a flower fairy, appears. And will everyone finally be able to see Jululu?


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