PriPara 90 (S3 Premiere)

[Ohys-Raws] PuriPara - 90 (TX 1280x720 x264 AAC).mp4_snapshot_21.49_[2016.04.05_11.31.11]

I’ve got nothin’.

A third season. I never thought this would be happening when the idea of a reboot came up, but it’s struck a chord with its fanbase. And the secret, older fanbase. How many kids’ idol anime get Nendoroids so early in their lifetime? Or at all? They’ve even made their way up to Aroma and Mikan now, and I may even want to pick one of them up. At least Leona and Dorothy, they’re my favorites.

Once again, I find myself going on a tangent because the episode is about what one would expect for the first episode of a new season. A reintroduction to all the main characters and the best songs from last season. “Triangle Star”, Shion’s solo, “Twin mirror compact”, “Reversible-Ring”, they all get a reprise as Lala helps a new girl named Chiri around the city-state of idols while assuring her of her newly found confidence as a sixth grader.

I remembered later that it’s seventh grade where people in Japan change schools, so Lala won’t be wearing Mirei’s school uniform just yet, at least not during this season. Maybe S4, if they make it that far. There were no new songs, and, until the end, no real plot developments kicking in. Though the Council of Meganiis from the previous episode did decide to enact the “Godly Idol Grand Prix.”

For the somewhat arbitrary idol rankings we’ve seen during the show, “Godly Idol” is the top, the best of the best, the loneliest number. Not sure if that means this is a chance for everyone to achieve that rank, or at least get prizes equal to it. Because excluding everybody is something only CelePara does, and that was explicitly destroyed at the end of last season.

The end of the episode sees an aurora, updates to the girls’ microphones (now with jewels) and a baby that falls from the sky. Wait. Jewels that empower something vaguely wand-shaped and a baby that the main characters need to raise. PriPara isn’t homing in on Aikatsu’s territory. It’s already pretty soundly conquered that to the point where Aikatsu needed to refresh its own game. It’s aiming for Precure’s territory – specifically, MahoPre. Ha-chan is already a little more grown up than Jululu is, but that may very quickly change. In both shows.

The new opening is what I’d expect from an i☆Ris piece, and the visuals offer some interesting ideas, including Lala getting some sort of pool cue/magic staff thingy. Also, Hibiki and Fuwari and all the rest are in there, leaving the door open for cameos in future episodes so we can see how they’re doing. The ED is a cute piece with chibi characters. Not quite as good as Rainbow Melody or Love Song from last season, but rather similar to the first ED of S2. It’ll grow on me.

I’m not sure what sort of season we’re in for, or when the new Triangle unit is going to make their in-show appearance. There’s bound to be more mysteries and worldbuilding as Meganee and Meganii’s chaotic rule over their domain takes hold once again. Will you come along for the ride with me?


Lala’s imprinted on Jululu and is forced to act as her mom. Are magical babies any easier to take care of than non-magical ones?


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