PriPara 83

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The Cannes Film Festival Presents…

(Spoilers under the break.)

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PriPara, I love you, but this show has a problem holding down a time slot. It should be airing alongsideĀ Fairilu and capturing the same target audience, but after moving to Mondays last cour, it’s just been revealed that it’s moving to Tuesdays when season 3 begins. This isn’t a dealbreaker for me – it just means my reviews will come a day later. Plus, Tuesday’s always been the day with the least amount of anime aired. HavingĀ PriPara on a day that doesn’t also have a ton of other stuff will be good. I just hope the show can find a solid time slot and stick with it. It appears to be doing successful for Takara Tomy and its other producers, yet the show itself keeps getting moved around. I thought that was only a Western TV show thing.

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Issues of time slot aside, we’ve made it to a very important episode. The truth of Hibiki’s backstory. She looked to be about Lala’s age, or close to it, in the flashback that takes up the majority of the episode, yet the Saints were still performing on TV. And yet when Lala was with Naru and company during the All Star Selection run, they were all the same age then. Hibiki is much older than Lala, yet the Saints are the same… what is the time frame of anything? It’s not super important, but it’s a detail that stands out.

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What we find out is that Hibiki was once a very generous upper-class girl, who loved idols and could’ve been like Lala had time and destiny been different. When it appeared her family’s ship and fortune had been lost in the Bermuda Triangle (yes, really), she lost everything, only to get it back when she found out they were okay. Hibiki had it confirmed that all of her friends were only hanging out with her for her money, and would gladly abandon her at the drop of a hat.

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Except for Ajimi, who has no sense of personal space. Ajimi ends up revealing her own backstory (chasing Hibiki into a museum is how she became enamored with art instead of fruit). While she was younger, her dialogue is filled with so many fruit puns that, again, I pity the translator who has to work with any of this. You have your work cut out for you. It’s nearly impossible to translate it directly, and some clever turns of phrase would be needed.

Anyway, while Hibiki’s friends explain most of her backstory, Ajimi’s own backstory colliding with Hibiki’s tops it off, and yet she never seems to realize what she did. Ajimi’s always been a free spirit, basically.

The backstory makes up the majority of this episode, but it’s not the only thing going on. Galulu departs, Falulu confirms that Vocal Dolls can’t leave the city-state of idols, and Hibiki reveals her ultimate goal. Since she only feels at home in the idol world, she’s going to turn herself into a Vocal Doll as well. Oh, and the Meganee Corps are stationed outside of the castle like riot police. The power of the state and transhumanism themes are starting to play into this goofy idol show, and I’m loving every minute of it.

If the second season can pull off storylines like this, it makes me curious what exactly S3 is going to do. Or how long PriPara can last before it needs to reboot itself once again. Aikatsu may have finally reached its breaking point, but PriPara is still holding out. For now.

Just let it stay in one time slot for a whole season.


How is there another Phantom Thief Genius? Will Hibiki go ahead and attempt to become a digital being? Will Ajimi’s puns be the end of us all? Stay tuned!


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