PriPara 82

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Galumageddon, on stage!

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Valentine’s Day episodes! Love is in the air. For a show likeĀ PriPara, that means many kinds of love.

Like the love between Aroma and Mikan, a strong friendship… a really strong friendship kind of love. There’s the kind of respectful love, like Galulu has for Falulu or Amamiya has for Mirei. Love comes in many forms, but as this episode goes out of the way to reminds us, Valentine’s Day started at least in part because of the St. Valentine’s Day Massacre. Just more obscure trivia, right? Turns out this episode isn’t quite as far off on that matter as you’d think.

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As much as I’ve been using the term “revolution” and drawing comparisons to Les Mis and Galavant over the past few weeks, the show went ahead and did it for me. That’s a good visual. Really inspiring.

Valentine’s Day at CelePara is mostly about Hibiki giving chocolate to everybody, and there’s some clever gift ideas in there. Falulu gets a semi-realistic unicorn head (what does Unicorn herself think of that?), Shion gets white and dark chocolate together resembling a Go set, and Sophie gets “Red Flash” chocolate. The revolving door of Hibiki’s idol unit keeps changing though. Beyonce had to leave, presumably to get married to this universe’s version of Jay-Z. It’s telling that Andou probably most appreciates the chocolate he got from a goat, because this show is weird.

This leads to a sequence of Hibiki listing off possible replacements for Beyonce that cycles through nearly every major American pop star. Madonna, Lady Gaga, Katy Perry, Taylor Swift… (speaking of, how about that national anthem at the Super Bowl? That was pretty good.) before flashing back to a few episodes ago and deciding that maybe Leona would be a good choice for her elusive fifth member. But we know Leona can’t do things without Dorothy, and knows exactly what Hibiki’s intentions for the state of idols are. Leona wouldn’t just go along with this.

Now when we’re talking people who go along with things easily, that’s where Galumageddon comes in. Easily the most excitable idol group thus far. Two roleplaying kids and one who has the mind of one. I’m always up for more performances of “Reversible Ring”, and seeing them destroy Hibiki’s plans for Valentine’s by eating all of the chocolate was charming in its simplicity.

[Ohys-Raws] PuriPara - 82 (TX 1280x720 x264 AAC).mp4_snapshot_18.22_[2016.02.08_11.21.38]

Then there’s the phone call. At the end of the episode, Ajimi calls Hibiki’s personal phone and starts a whole series of fruit-based puns that would be hell for any translator who eventually reaches this point. (The fansubs are really behind. All of those of you who are relying on me to understand the show, I hope I’m doing a good job.) Hibiki goes white with shock and promises to crush Mirei’s revolution. I’m not entirely sure what’s going on here, but I think Hibiki is ashamed of her past, which may be why she’s playing up the “cool prince” angle so strongly. And here I thought this episode wasn’t going to push the plot forward.

This show keeps finding new ways to be clever and funny, while also having all the charm of a kids’ show. There’s not much else like it.


The story of Kurukuru-chan, aka Hibiki. Mysteries that have been in play since shortly after the season began come to fruition, and the revolution must be prepared to fight back.


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