PriPara 76

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We wish you a Puri Christmas and a Mikan New Year!

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The greatest Christmas gift has been given to this blog. PriPara has been renewed for a third season! Promising to introduce more idols, more locations and more arcane rules for Meganee to surprise our main cast with. It also means I’ll have at least weekly content for this blog for another year, at least. Or until I find something else to write about.

It’s funny, when you think about it. Pretty Rhythm took the Precure/Sentai approach of swapping to a new cast and a new addition to the mythos every year. The first two seasons were sort of linked in that Denjiman to Sun Vulcan kind of way, but Rainbow Live was almost entirely self-contained, which may be part of why I was able to make it my first.

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But PriPara has been going two seasons (seven cours) straight, and still has yet to swap out Lala as the main protagonist, not even in the third season. They’re not grooming a new Chosen One like with Ichigo and Akari over in Aikatsu, though the show does plan to introduce another three member unit to rival Dressing Pafe and Solami Smile. There’s a lot to think about, and I’ll offer my thoughts before the episodes as we get it. But hey, Merry Christmas, everybody!

Compared to last Christmas, I’m writing this from a place of near complete stability in terms of location, but also on this blog, as opposed to posting my previous Christmas episode thoughts on AnimeGAF. The last Christmas brought us Gloria’s childhood days and Lala making peace with her “enemy”, as well as finding out that her mom was an idol. What will happen this year?

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For one, it’s focused on Mikan. The occasionally scatterbrained, gluttonous wannabe angel. Aroma’s awkwardness has been mined for comedy/drama more, and Mikan hasn’t really gotten an episode to herself, even less so since newer idols like Fuwari and Ajimi stole Aromageddon’s spotlight.

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This episode brings back Anko and Miruku/Milk, the kids that Aroma and Mikan helped with snake problems shortly after their debut, only now they’re separating for the holidays. There’s also a crow that says “Baka!” instead of “Aho!” (that’s just the kind of joke I’d expect from Moriwaki), which ends up stealing both Dorothy’s jellyfish accessory tickets and one of the gloves that Anko and Milk had prepared for each other while they were away. Though Dorothy kinda provoked the crow first. Her temper tends to get the better of her.

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This leads into a very calm sequence where Mikan and Hibiki hang-glide(!) in order to retrieve it. Mikan, an elementary school student, has a pilot’s license and can use it to hang glide on a wintery day. It’s an absurd turn of events, but not moreso than the goat door, and it leads to Hibiki considering Mikan a worthy member of her Genius team, which the end of the episode confirms. Aromageddon has to split up, and Aroma’s not outwardly saying she doesn’t like it, but the episode does establish that they’re linked by a “thread of destiny”, which is basically the red thread of fate in a different color. The implications that has write themselves, really.

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Sometimes I’m disappointed the show doesn’t have more new songs, and like an earlier episode, this just cuts two performances together. One of the theme songs, and a Christmas performance of Reversible Ring. But it does lead to a stunning holiday Making Drama by Aroma and Mikan, and it’s one of my favorite songs from this season, so no problem with it being reprised. After all that, Aroma finds herself joining a team for the Grand Prix – Lala, Mirei and the West siblings. She’ll be squaring off against her best friend, but it’s all in good fun.

Everyone’s friends. Everyone’s an idol.

While not quite as drama-packed as last year’s Christmas episode, it still gave the plot a final push forward, and showed that Mikan is dedicated and loyal to a fault, the kind of person who’d easily put someone else’s happiness above her own. Plus she can hang glide, who knew? A really sweet episode, making use of the new idols for maximum holiday cheer. Halloween and Christmas belong to them!


PriPara takes a week off for the New Year, but it returns in January with the Winter Grand Prix, featuring Team Genius vs Team Hard Work featuring two new songs, hopefully. I’ll see you then!


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