PriPara 70

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It always comes back to Falulu.

Plot details for the next PriPara movie were revealed recently, and what’s different about this one is that it’s a story movie instead of a compilation movie. Compilation movies are certainly an easy to sell the songs, and coming up with a story for an idol show that fits the expected grand spectacle of a movie theater isn’t the easiest task. But I’ll talk about that when I review the movie, because the important thing to gleam from the movie summary is that Falulu is at the center of it. The Vocal Doll who became a real girl has better innate skills than almost everybody there, and is still learning what it means to be human.

So what happens when she meets a human who’s trying to disrupt her hometown, and probably hasn’t been filled in on all the details by Lala?

(Also, when is Non going to become an idol? Doremi let Pop become a witch trainee eventually, so Lala should be able to have Non be assessed by the Red Glasses of Judgment and granted her ticket. Unless there’s an age limit for safety reasons, which the show seems to have hinted at before.)

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Falulu returns via helicopter once again, and Unicorn’s fussiness about keeping Falulu safe almost prevented the overplot of the season from creeping in here. She explicitly told Falulu not to talk to anybody who seems shady, and Galulu sneaked aboard the helicopter to visit Parajuku once again. So she provides an extra layer of protection. Speaking of protection, Ajimi tried to use her police powers on Falulu when she landed (and if there’s anybody who’s suspicious, it’s Ajimi.), and proved that Galulu’s bites have become more like a massage. Her behavior has changed significantly, though she remains the most individual of the army of Falulus. Falulu Prime can probably tell the difference between all of them, but they’re chilling out in Paris.

This is another largely peaceful episode, with most of it involving Falulu seeing what’s changed since she was last here, in particular having a formal meeting with Fuwari, Aroma and Mikan. Lots of ticket exchanges all around. This makes me think more of Japan’s indirect social games, and how stuff like the Friend Tickets encourages people to cooperate at the arcade, but we already had a whole episode about that, so I don’t need to entirely revisit the same ground. The three goat kids are fans of Falulu too, as Fuwari notes.

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I also liked the interview Falulu was doing with a Meganee who had a different hairstyle and vocal performance from Kanae Itou, giving her more of a daytime TV talk show host vibe. Is there a Meganee version of Galulu out there, too? Is she, like Falulu, also spawned from a card? At least, seeing the helicopter land in the PriPara building shows that Falulu can go outside the boundaries of the land – she needs to, to travel – but she prefers it in her home.

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Unfortunately, Unicorn’s advice isn’t entirely foolproof. Hibiki knows you catch more flies with honey than vinegar, and is able to convince Falulu that she can become a part of his Princess unit. Galulu doesn’t trust him, and Falulu following her heart has led to trouble before, so we’ll have to see what the future holds. At the very least, she’ll be overseas for the time being, so Hibiki can’t advance this part of his plans forward any further. A group of four simply won’t do.

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Interesting, isn’t it. Being a princess is seen as a goal in Precure, but in PriPara, it has this uneasy feeling. Hibiki may have some noble goal in mind, but his actions haven’t painted it that way.


Lala and Nao’s birthday is coming up, but Lala has a special concert she needs to attend. The battle between friendship and fame, on Behind the Music.


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