PriPara 69

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Judgment Time!

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I think we’re all in the mood for something light and goofy, if only to lift spirits right now. I’ve been saying that Ajimi is smarter with her cop job than she initially lets on, and this episode confirms that she knows how to utilize everyone’s strengths, as both an art teacher and a police chief. As Cosmo is busy doing other things, after noticing how everyone is a fan of Genius (those Halloween costumes weren’t just for show), she begins to seriously think about capturing him, and recruits her old unit-mates in order to assemble…

[Ohys-Raws] PuriPara - 69 (TX 1280x720 x264 AAC).mp4_snapshot_06.10_[2015.11.02_10.37.20]

Special Police PriPara. Three detectives fighting cool with burning hearts. They’ll protect the peace and safety of all idols!

Despite consisting of a group that Genius had labeled “idiots”, Ajimi knows exactly how to use them. Start with a concert and have Lala call out his presence, have Mikan use her superior running skills to tail him, and have Dorothy handle the interrogations. She’s the most invested in getting her stuff back, and also the only one who gets her role wrong. Dorothy was all but prepared to be a honey trap and lure Genius in with her charms, but Ajimi knows that her straightforward no-nonsense Tension Max style is better suited for finding out information.

It looks like the PriPara Police and Nurses are going to be our main units for at least a little while, since it provides a way for the cast to hang out in different configurations while expanding on the range of stuff we can see inside the city-state of idols. What they’re going to do with Mirei, Shion and Aroma, I don’t know, but I’m sure a future episode will give them something to do.

The most surprising part of this episode was that it debuted some cop rock. The police trio got a brand new song that’s pretty catchy, using a bit of a rock tone and a lot of sirens as a backing beat. The choreography is fun, and that it provides a chance for Dorothy to do things without Leona and Mikan to do things without Aroma is also noteworthy. The twins and the devil/angel were near inseparable in their first appearances, including Dorothy saying that Lala and Mirei had to take them as a set, that to have them doing things on their own at this point shows how far they’ve come into their own as characters.

Ajimi’s plan almost goes off without a hitch, too. If not for the fact that Genius knows how to ruin the “Mikan” part of the plan before it can even get off the ground. He had to if he was going to isolate Lala and inform her that he’s interested in her potential. I don’t know if he’s aware of her Prism Voice or not, but he was weirded out by the catchphrase Ajimi apparently insisted the police do when arresting him.

Genius/Hibiki giving Lala a second chance means that his long-gestating plan to use the Dream Theater is one bit closer to completion, even if the show’s taking its sweet time getting there. That’s why it’s okay to have fun episodes like this. New songs make the show sell (and I look forward to the nurse’s unit), and we’re getting a chance to see the characters interact and split up in ways beyond the standard Solami Smile/Dressing Pafe/Aromageddon groupings.

The future is still bright. But who knows what the holiday season will bring?


Falulu returns once again, with Galulu in tow, and runs across a certain “magician.” Will her unfamiliarity with Hibiki and Phantom Thief Genius be her downfall? Or will Galulu just bite him in the arse?


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