PriPara 60

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Detective Dorothy is on the case.

The show’s officially acknowledging its own changeover in October, though I don’t know what’ll be replacing it in that slot. As long as it continues making money for Takara Tomy – I don’t know if it’s making Aikatsu! money, but this is the first entry in the franchise to continue on with the same set of characters, so it must be doing something right. Falulu has safely returned to Paris, and it’s not quite time to introduce Ajimi yet, so where’s the show going to go at this point?

[Ohys-Raws] PuriPara - 60 (TX 1280x720 x264 AAC).mp4_snapshot_02.55_[2015.08.31_09.57.50]

Back to the pool! Summer may be starting to wind down, but the weather is still warm, and I’m certain Meganee the Goddess could cast a spell of eternal summer upon the city state of idols if she so wished. It would be one way to keep business up in the winter months, aside from releasing new cards and singles to get that Christmas shopping money. Or maybe that’s what’s going on in the real Prism Stone shops.

Have I mentioned that PriPara is such a big hit that it’s spawning scale figures and was responsible for kicking off a new series of Nendoroids based around outfit swapping? Nendoroids are almost always, but not usually, based around late night anime and other hot otaku properties, not quite hitting the same mainstream as Funko Pops do over here, so for something so clearly a kids’ show to get a figure must mean it’s doing something right. Though if there was a Nendoroid Ichigo or Yurika from Aikatsu, I would totally buy it.

Forgive that digression. In the episode itself, Dorothy remains the most angry at the state of affairs that Phantom Thief Genius brought on, and is doing her part to discover where he took the tickets, and who his identity might be. I have a feeling this might last a while. The audience is privy to his identity, but the cast could be searching forever for someone right under their noses – especially since Hibiki ends up challenging them to a tennis game this very episode – and this could easily be dragged on for quite a bit. But in the meantime, if the show uses it like this episode to build up secondary characters and make a lot of really terrible Japanese wordplay, I think I’d be okay with that.

Love was one of the earlier characters to appear, and thus make her reappearance here, and she, like Chanko, is also outside the usual boundaries of “cute” that the main cast has, but is treated just as respectfully – hell, in this episode, Chanko had people lining up to photograph her at the pool! So it’s not just Meganee helping her, she can own it without the help of PriPara at all.

Makoto Moriwaki’s usual comic absurdity was on display, with the climax involving Love and her… well, love interest, attempting to scale a swimming pool waterfall going up it, and largely succeeding. This show’s had some insane training methods – like the castle/dungeon thing – but this takes the cake as far as weirdness goes, since it’s actively working against the laws of physics, or at the very least requires superhuman endurance.

Another thing to take away from this episode is Dorothy thinking that Love might be a man, which is kinda unpleasant given all the other positive things going on in the episode, but Dorothy was being irrational and looking for answers for something she wants revenge for. It’s in character for her, and the text of the show is saying she was silly for thinking so. She did mention that PriPara is off limits to guys, with Leona being a special exception, but to draw on another idol franchise, I think it’s more like The Idolm@ster and Side-M. Male idols do exist in this world, and probably have their own theme park, they’re just not the ones being marketed to. But I don’t want to make a big deal of it, especially with the new Making Drama to talk about.

[Ohys-Raws] PuriPara - 60 (TX 1280x720 x264 AAC).mp4_snapshot_19.55_[2015.08.31_10.17.07]

It’s another performance of “CHANGE! MY WORLD”, one of my favorite songs from the show as a whole… but it’s also making me wonder where the new songs are. Solami Smile and Dressing Pafe each only have about two songs apiece. That’s the tradeoff. Aikatsu gives you more songs, but the production values on each song are less. PriPara has plenty of tunes, but not as many in terms of numbers. The summer resort thing that Dressing Pafe ended up doing, and their inner tubes that were on them during the performance, were pretty cute.

A fun summertime episode, nothing more and nothing less.


A Sophie without her cowlick is one that’s constantly stuck in her cool and sexy persona from her earliest days. Also, Tokuda Nene returns!


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