PriPara 59

[Leopard-Raws] PuriPara (2015) - 21 RAW (TX 1280x720 x264 AAC).mp4_snapshot_16.02_[2015.08.24_10.20.41]

The bigger question is where they had that log in the first place.

[Leopard-Raws] PuriPara (2015) - 21 RAW (TX 1280x720 x264 AAC).mp4_snapshot_09.12_[2015.08.24_10.13.28]

She is composed of the broken dreams of those who weren’t able to become idols, but the real problem with Galulu was that she had a parasite of sorts lodged in her throat. Something that Meganee immediately escorted back to the museum as soon as she found it. Between that and the cartridges that control weather of all sorts – from mundane ones like sun and rain to things like hailing a comet or summoning a monster – I’m starting to think she isn’t so much a scheming goddess as she is a negligent one. Wouldn’t be the first time a deity has left things to their own devices only for it to flop horribly.

I did like the conclusion of the episode, where some Red Flash ended up awakening Galulu’s true nature, and she decided to become a “Monster Idol”. The PriPara world may not be as expansive as the world of Cinderella Girls, but it is open to accepting just as many types of idols. The only difference is that the girls in Cinderella Girls are more prone to dealing with upper management and profits and all of those business things that are just as concerned with the bottom line as they are creativity, if not more so. I don’t know how Meganee is able to keep the park funded, but it appears to be the same way Takara Tomy is doing it in the real world – with an extensive network of collaborating shops and merchandise. Is it better to encourage dreams, even if it means more money is probably being taken from people who may not be aware of the full scope, or is the mobile game nature of Cinderella Girls more devious than the arcade game nature of PriPara? It’s not my place to answer, it’s something to think about.

Sophie was the one to save Galulu by chasing after her, and any discussion of this episode and Sophie wouldn’t be complete without mentioning the change made to the ending credits. Sophie’s ending credits shot – a homage to a famous picture of Marilyn Monroe – caught the eye of the parent watchgroups, causing it to be changed to Sophie covered up and sailing on a fishing boat while everyone else remains in their swimsuits and light summer wear. It’s not that Sophie being on a fishing boat is out of character – she does have her jellyfish fascination that pops up from time to time – it’s that it sticks out in the ED. While it was a little risque, the producers knew what time slot they were making this show for, so it was safe. While videos and images of the previous version of the ED still exist, it makes me wonder if they’re going to retroactively change it once the DVDs come out.


Speaking of swimsuits, it’s another day at the water park, this time with the Dressing Pafe trio coming along. Dorothy is still angry about Phantom Thief Genius, but if they’re not even in the city-state of idols, how much of a threat does he pose?


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