PriPara 57


Dorothy surrenders to no one.

It appears I have to eat my words on some of the things going on in this show. I thought that they would never reuse one of the Dream Theater songs, and they reuse Summer Adventure this very episode. It’s cut short for reasons that will be elaborated on below, but they do have to move those CDs. The other is that the show is introducing an antagonist who will be able to stand on par with others from the franchise’s history… and having a villain at all feels kind of weird in a show like this, but I know it’s happened before.

Fuwari’s given up on her princess training. The royal life simply isn’t what she’s cut out for. Which I think is a fine direction to take the story, if a bit expected. Rags to riches almost always ends with the lesson of someone either bowing under pressure or becoming egotistical with their power and having a realization moment. Fuwari was the first – she knew that being a princess does not mesh with her farm girl image. So she’s more like Nadja than she is like Aikatsu’s Maria, if we’re talking World Masterpiece Theater-inspired heroines. Also, it’s good to see just how much WMT persists in influencing anime even to this day.


What this leads to is Fuwari getting a new room to stay in for her and her goats. It’s in the attic, almost entirely wood paneling, and offers a decent amount of floor space, with a desk and a relatively minimalistic lifestyle. How someone decorates their room, especially in anime where every detail must be decided, says a lot about them. For Fuwari, this is much better than a fancy room with a fancy bed she’ll never use. Or maybe it’s because I’ve had room decoration on my mind lately due to real life stuff, but looking at Fuwari’s room, even if the woodsy country aesthetic isn’t entirely me, hell, I’d live in there. It’s homey.


Things would be going smoothly until we get the arrival of Phantom Thief Genius. (It’s Hibiki. The show’s not even trying to hide this.) He steals the Summer Adventure outfits and issues a challenge to all of the city-state of idols, and towards what end? All because he thinks Lala’s ideals of friendship and such simply aren’t what he’s looking for. Given his view of the Dream Theater before, it’s probable that he has some wish he wants granted, and is willing to field his own idol team to do it.

When the girls were asking about Fuwari staying, he cast a certain glance at Shion and Sophie. Mirei is too stubborn and the West twins are inseparable, and unlike Aromageddon, Hibiki is much better at mind games. Sophie has achieved a much greater sense of independence since her early days, and has her bodyguard squad. Shion is simply too proud to fall for his tricks… but the thing is, everybody has a weakness that can be exploited. The future is looking uncertain.

I think Meganee is stronger than he is and can manipulate the entire park to her choosing, but she wasn’t prepared for this. The greatest challenge to PriPara is neither a god nor a devil, nor a girl from out of town. It’s a prince. How very Frozen.


Falulu returns to the show, bringing with her an unexpected guest – which the summary already revealed is Mini-Falulu. But she’s not a collective conscious being anymore, so how did this happen? Is there another magical idol ritual involved?


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