PriPara 54


To overcome the spider’s curse, simply quote a Bible verse. Uh… Thou shalt not… uh…

Let’s talk about Aroma and Mikan. When they were the first characters to debut in the second season, my initial theory was that they were perhaps a literal devil and angel, introduced in order to overthrow Meganee’s reign of technomagical dominance. In reality, they’re just two kids with grand delusions, living out their fantasies that Cat allows them to experience with her wiles. That she’s confident enough to make that happen puts her far ahead of Rabbit and Bear’s dirty managing.

This episode centers around the reopening of the PriPara Museum inside the city-state of idols. Given how ambiguous that could be, I had to wonder if it meant a museum inside PriPara, or a museum about PriPara. The answer appears to be “Both, and it’s a Takara-Tomy museum in general.” How else would one explain Shion resorting to grabbing what looks like the GekiRyuKen from Ryukendo in a moment of crisis?


Of course, one shot later and it’s right back in the wall where it was before, but I love little nods like that. The display that was inside the Prism Stone store in Rainbow Live looked to be in there, too. I was curious how Mikan and Aroma were going to interact with Fuwari, and this episode shows that Fuwari is closer to another Lala than anything else – when confronted with a spider, or Aroma’s chuuni ramblings, she doesn’t even understand enough about what’s going on to be fazed by it, while Aroma is scared of her own ideas once they reach a tipping point she can’t control. That she thought to get Fuwari into Aromageddon by scaring her in the museum shows that she still only knows one way of doing things – this show is going to last a year, so while her pranks are more good natured now, she’s still trying to get friends through mental warfare. It’s the same technique a tsundere would use.

Mirei’s role in this episode isn’t terribly huge – it’s more of an ensemble episode – but I want to credit Yuu Serizawa for breaking out into the late night anime scene with her main role as Yoko Shiragami in Actually I Am/My Monster Secret. You can hear quite a lot of Mirei in her voice there, even with the Kansai accent. I always like it when voice actors I like go on to major roles.

Fuwari ultimately befriends the “Parantula”, and it inspires Mikan and Aroma to come up with a new Making Drama. The results of which are rather Indiana Jones-like. Reversible-Ring remains one of my favorite songs to come out of this show.


Fuwari’s arc is still continuing, and episodes like this are a nice way for the show to play to one of Makoto Moriwaki’s strengths – character interaction. Everyone has something to do, even if it’s only for one scene. The second season, with the majority of its cast already established, is doing a good job at threading multiple ongoing narratives, mostly for the new cast, into something that always feels like it’s moving slightly forward. Episodes like this may not allow for much of my favorite speculation, but the value of a good standalone cannot be underestimated.


Fuwari is going to go on a date with the prince? Romance was a regular thing in the Pretty Rhythm series, but this may be the first time it’s shown up in PriPara at all. Strong, kind and beautiful, those are what she requires to be a princes- I’m being told that’s for another show.


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