PriPara 52

I’ve been writing lengthy reviews of the Pretty Rhythm franchise since I started watching it with Rainbow Live, but after deciding to take a break from my anime forum for a while, I simply was starting to tire of the repetitive nature of discussions, I decided to bring my reviews here.

Let’s begin with the latest episode of PriPara. Which is hopefully the start of many more regular features.

PriPara 52

Being trained with two 5kg weights on your head is comparable to the idol dungeon that Gloria locked them in before. Not only is having your principal affiliated with PriPara a sign that your school might get more funding, it’s also a sign she’s getting invovlved. A far cry from Orihime over in Aikatsu, who’s mostly hands off and leaves everything to the students… even things that you’d think Starlight’s staff would handle. But we all know Meganee is the real goddess here. She may be a trickster, but she has a kind heart, making a really big deal about Fuwari’s new brand debuting.

I’ve mentioned this before, but idols who have more of a theme and get a genre with their music tend to interest me more than the generic pop sounds. ALI Project may be samey, as is Yousei Teikoku, but both of them have a distinct style. And so Fuwari’s music takes on elements of yodeling and other traditional Swiss elements, further compounding her already blatant reference to Heidi. Loved her Making Drama – a group of instruments rising from a pond and playing in harmony. It’s a beautiful image, like the fairies of a Midsummer Night’s Dream… sort of.

And that ending. The idol dance videos are okay, but 2D animated endings are and remain the best. It’s why I loved Wannabe back in Rainbow Live, and why I love this one here. Seeing the PriPara girls spending a day at the beach is just fun, and that shot of Aroma and Mikan’s hands meeting by the window is nicely drawn. The music’s kinda slow, perfect for cooling down after one of these high-energy episodes. I’ve been following this show for a year, and I haven’t regretted a moment of it.

Especially since there’s signs the prodigal girl, the tulpa revived through the ritual, will someday return to the stage. I wonder why I didn’t recognize that silhouette sooner. It’s so obvious.


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