Watch, Discuss

Since the year is about to end, and the number of posts on this blog have been few (I have a lot of other things I’m doing), I figure I should explain the three ways I tend to “watch” anime, and subsequently discuss them. It can basically be split into three distinct categories, with two of them tending towards the “watch” side of the equation.

Watch, Discuss Actively

This is for shows that I love. Like, really love. My favorites of any given season. I try to watch the episode as soon as it ends, and give commentary the moment it finishes. Most of the time these tend to be shows that don’t have their own dedicated subforums on my primary message board, because the smaller environment of a single thread is far more conducive to discussion. Naturally, this tends to work better for smaller or more obscure shows which, by nature, I’m most drawn to anyway. Examples of this include the latest thread on any iteration of the Precure¬†franchise, Softenni! and A Channel. For these, I’m more likely to look for fanart, report news and speculate. If a show lands here, it must have done something to grab me.

Watch, Discuss Sometimes

These are shows that I find interesting enough to want to comment on, but only jump in for commentary once a week and never return, or when something strikes my fancy. Usually to espouse my own viewpoint. I find that these are shows I tend to enjoy, but the discussion simply doesn’t appeal to me, especially if it focuses on aspects I consider tedious. (Technical details, how “badass” a main character is/supposed to be, most non-yuri romance, most source material comparison). Examples in this category include Accel World, Sakurasou and Kamisama Hajimemashita. Girls und Panzer is somewhere between the first two categories, because of reasons that I want to make another post on in the future.

Don’t Watch, Don’t Discuss

Probably the easiest to explain. I looked at the preview materials (mostly the show’s website) before it aired, and decided it didn’t look like something I wanted to see. As I’ve never seen it, I can hold no opinion one way or the other. It doesn’t mean I hate it, just that I find the premise uninteresting. Now, there are some shows in this category that I can pick up some time later. (LIke Night Wizard). But most of the time, if something goes unwatched, it’s going to remain unwatched. There’s a lot of stuff out there.

Does this metric make sense? Probably, but does it apply to everyone? Of course not. Some people try the first two or three episodes of everything, some people subsist solely on recommendations, and others enjoy everything and watch it all. That’s part of what makes fandom so interesting. Everyone has their own way of reading into it. Finding common ground should be easy, but the anime macrofandom is more of a collection of several feuding subfandoms anyway. Reconciling these differences is an ongoing project.

Happy New Year, everybody!

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